About Gulf Pine

Gulf Pine Energy Partners is a US private oil and natural gas exploration and production partnership formed in December 2014. The Partnership has a primary focus on developing conventional and unconventional light oil and liquids rich natural gas resources in the SE Gulf States of Alabama and Mississippi. We are equity financed through a partnership with Pine Brook Road Partners LLC.

Our management team has extensive experience with developing assets through the utilization of horizontal drilling and multi-staged fracture completion techniques. We have a long and successful history of working together as a team and have created significant shareholder value through high quality engineering and geoscience work. At previous companies we have driven substantial growth over short periods of time both through the drill bit and through strategic acquisitions.

About Pine Brook

Pine Brook is an investment firm that manages more than $6.0 billion of limited partner commitments that makes “business building” and other equity investments, primarily in energy and financial services businesses. Pine Brook’s team of investment professionals collectively has over 300 years of experience financing the growth of businesses with equity, working alongside talented entrepreneurs and experienced management teams to build businesses of scale without relying on acquisition leverage. For more information about Pine Brook, please visit the company’s web site at www.pinebrookpartners.com.